Starting off the second semester

The second semester has started off and we recently had our first trade fair. We set up our booth in a way where it is divided into two parts, in the first part is where we explain our product and the second is where people can try and colour the wheels and sign their names up for correspondence.


The day started off well as we got a visit by Ms. Bronwen Cullum which is an educator that works with disabled children. She loved our product and gave us some good advise on how to improve it. The most important piece of advise we got was to include PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) in our discs. PECS allows therapists to communicate with children with learning disabilities by using pictures. an example of PECS is shown below.


She gave us an idea where we can use Velcro on the discs and write the word, then the child needs to match the images with the words. All in all she gave us a lot of useful tips and was happy with what we have achieved so far. Below is a picture of some of our team members with Ms. Cullum.


We also got very useful tips from Corrine on how to present ourselves and our booth. Apparently our booth was too crowded because we had too many unnecessary items hanging around. The image below shows how our booth looked like before Corrine’s advise.


And the following picture shows how the table looked like after we removed all unnecessary items.


This was the first fair we had and it gave us a good insight of how we should prepare ourselves for the upcoming 2 fairs.

Moving forward, I am currently responsible of creating packaging for our colouring wheels and also I am in charge of creating a 60 second marketing video to explain our product.

Until next time..



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